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The 5th Yosizaka Takamasa Award

1.Who is yosizaka Takamasa?
2.What is yosizaka Takamasa Award?
3.The 5th yosizaka Takamasa Award Selection Committee


  "When economy leaves the rest behind, technology is oppressive and politics has it's own way, and that being the tendency today, to establish the great aim "for human beings" once again I desire to keep balance of these self-seeing powers by the law of orderly arrangement of space. Since it is impossible for any of the above to display it's power without occupying a space in reality. For this reason, I am in need of a new instrument."
 yosizaka appeals in the last pages of his book "Jyukyogaku", to express the need of Iu-keiology ("iu" meaning existence, and "key" meaning form).
 Nothing has changed since. Even more it seems as if human beings are cornered down by the day. We have yet to obtain the "new instrument" fine enough to praise human beings.
 Could form of architecture and artifacts as a language beyond languages, undo difficulty of human society and pave the way to mutual understanding as the "new instrument"? Principle questions on human activity to create forms, are asked in the roots of many words yosizaka had brought out.
 Therefore we would honor and give the yosizaka Takamasa Award to whomever serves, tries to answer, or has the will to take over the spirit.

Naito Hiroshi
Chair of yosizaka Takamasa Award Selection Committee


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