Who is yosizaka Takamasa?

yosizaka-phot yosizaka TAKAMASA (1917-1980)
Architect, Mountaineer, Adventurer.

1917 Born in Tokyo, Japan
1933 Graduates Internation School of Geneva.
1941 Graduates Waseda University, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Engineering.
1950 Goes to France and study under Le Corbusier as the first French Government supported international student after the war.
1959 Professor of Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering.
1980 Dies at age of 63.

Main Architectural Works
yosizaka House (1955, destroyed), Ura House (1956), The Japan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (1956), Villa Cou Cou (1957), Kaisei Gakuin (1957), Kureha Junior High School (1958, destroyed), Maison Franco-Japonaise (1960, destroyed), Gotsu City Hall (1962), Athenee Francais (1962), Inter-University Seminar House (1965), Mt Ikoma Space Science Museum, Uchu Kagakukan (1969, closed 1999), Nozawa Onsen Lodge (1969) and more.



What is yosizaka Takamasa Award?

Application regulation for the 3rd yosizaka Takamasa Award
27th September 2014
Lifology Society of Japan will hereby establish "yosizaka Takamasa Award" which to select and confirm once in every second year, in tribute to the 30th anniversary of the death of yosizaka Takamasa whom practiced lifeology to take a leading role in the days of our foundation, for the purpose of carrying on thoughts and achievements of yosizaka Takamasa to the future and also to restore practice of creative activity, pursuing the theme "Life and Form".



The 5th yosizaka Takamasa Award Selection Committee

Chair: Naito Hiroshi (Architect, Emeritus Professor of University of Tokyo)
Members: Kitayama Koh (Architect, Professor of Hosei Universty)
      Haruhiko Goto (City Planner, Professor of Waseda University)
      Norihito Nakatani (Architectural Historian, Professor of Waseda University)
      Fujii Toshinobu (International Development, Emeritus Professor of Toyo University)
      (Honorifics omitted)


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